The Right Treatments for Your Body Acne

24/08/2013 10:12
One of the most horrible conditions as a teen is having acne on your face or even worse on your body. And although you can conceal back and chest acne over the winter it becomes far more obvious when the summer sun shows up. Of course you don’t wish to miss having a good time at the beach. However, you don’t like to get embarrassed because of your acne, your choice is to conceal or else you might choose not to go. So why do so many people get acne on their back and chest? The simple answer is the massive amount oil glands in that section of the body. But if you're thinking that is bad, some people also get acne on their buttocks and legs which can be painful to touch. 
The reason why people acquire acne on their chest and back is the same cause as the way they get it on their face, through clogged pores. When our sebaceous glands release too much sebum, our skin will clog. Moreover, acne on the body is hard to remove. 
Healing acne on your body 
Curing acne on your body is the same as treating   acne breakouts   on your face. In washing your skin, you need to use the ideal cleanser for your body skin type and use some towels or loofah scrubber. Cleansing the skin is really essential and it will help to clear grime and dirt from your body and pores and it gets the skin set for applying any acne skin care treatments. One thing to keep in mind is that you must not rub your skin. 
The idea that rubbing one’s skin roughly can cause irritation and outbreaks; it is advised to do a soft caressing motion. You'll then apply benzoyl peroxide to the affected skin once you done cleaning your skin. This can be obtained without prescription from local drug stores. One of the early effects of this is that it irritates your skin but as you continued applying you will get the best results. You may choose to end using it when discomfort on your skin still persists for a week or two. 
The ideal time to use benzoyl peroxide is at night as it tends to bleach clothing and it can be a bit sticky in the beginning. It is advised to wear an old t-shirt when using benzoyl peroxide so you will not worry about getting your clothes bleached. If you would like use this during the day, then you have to wear extra t-shirt, white to be specific for your shirt not to get bleached. 
If applying benzoyl peroxide doesn't get rid your acne, you have another option and this is by using salicylic acid. You can search for salicylic acid on the internet because this is quite challenging to purchase locally. You can check out your doctor if you find that these two solutions do not cure your acne well after using for a month.